FAST - Advanced/Ground Combo Class

This powerful FAST seminar will cover both defensive techniques and strategies against a dynamic attack and also from the ground or a prone position. It is helpful for participants to have participated in at least a FAST Level 1 class in order to have the basic skill set to be proficient in these classes.

From 1pm-2:30pm, we will go over standing static attack defenses against:
- Enjoy a full review of all Level I techniques
- Dynamic verbal attack to physical defense
- Rear Takedown scenarios
- Students also get to customize a scenario to play out to success for their healing and power!

We will then go from 2:30pm-4pm and cover how to deal with worst case scenarios on the ground such as:
- Fighting off a mounted attacker from various positions
- Fighting from the guard position
- 5 simple strikes that work in almost any situation
- Power Grappling to use adrenaline to fight for your life

Each student will be give a number of real-life scenarios to work against a padded assailant (Predator) in FULL-FORCE situations, both armed with a weapon and on the ground.

February 8, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Main Location
Spaces Left: 17 Capacity: 20
Event Price: $40.00