Stop Bullies FAST 8-29-20

Bullies don't just want to beat you up, they want to take away your dignity.

  • In a recent study, 77% of students said they had been bullied mentally, verbally, and physically.
  • 32% of parents fear for their child’s physical safety at school!
  • 282,000 students in America are physically attacked each month!
  • The effects of Bullying often have devastating effects on a child’s life!
  • Now we can stop Bullies and we can do it FAST!


FAST Defense teaches Award Winning assertiveness and self protection skills to effectively protect our children from Bullies. Using simple and effective non violent conflict resolution skills, FAST Defense playfully gives children ages 6-12 the tools to stop bullies in their tracks! And the confidence gained from the experience empowers them in all other facets of their lives!


In a fun and safe environment, this dynamic 1 hr. program effectively teaches our children how to skillfully deal with bullies:

§  Avoiding common playground altercations

§  How to handle name calling and teasing

§  Protecting personal “space” and possessions

§  Assessing appropriate defense and how NOT to start a fight

§  Verbal skills to back off a Bully

§  Team strategies to work together to stop Bullying

§  Confidence and Assertiveness Training for all walks of life!


August 29, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Main Location
Spaces Left: 25 Capacity: 25
Event Price: $25.00
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